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Before Filing Bankruptcy: Should You file? What To Know & Do Before You Decide.

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STEP ONE: Assess Financial Situation With An Attorney

This step is ESSENTIAL.

Ask yourself these few questions:

  • Am I heavily in debt, with a slim chance of clearing the debt in the near future?
  • Do I have a lot of credit card debt or medical bills?
  • Is my home in foreclosure or are creditors threatening to foreclose?
  • Is my car close to getting repossessed?
  • Do I pay my bills late? Or do I only make the minimum payments on my bills?
  • Are my wages currently, or in danger of, being garnished?
  • Have I recently become unemployed or disabled and lost income?
  • I am going through a divorce that results in an increase of expenses but a decrease in my income?

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After making an honest assessment, make sure to get all the facts about bankruptcy.

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STEP TWO: Should I File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Once you decide that you want to file bankruptcy, you will need to figure out if you are eligible for a Chapter 7 filing or a Chapter 13 petition.

Your bankruptcy attorney will help you work through the logistics on this issue.

This process will involve a detailed examination of your finances.

  • If you “pass” the means test, you are eligible to file for Chapter 7.
  • If you “fail” the means test, you may be eligible to file a Chapter 13 petition.

After crunching numbers, your bankruptcy attorney will provide a final break down.

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