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Cops can Take Blood from DWI Suspects on the Spot?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

In Texas they now are able to – and without a judge’s consent. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, Sept. 1 marks the first day that Texas police officers will be able to use their own discretion in certain circumstances and order blood tests from people accused of driving under the influence – […]

Charles Barkley Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Apparently, Charles Barkley wasn’t kidding when he told us, 15 years ago, that he wasn’t a “role model”. Of course, at that point Barkley had already been arrested on a physical violence charge, so we might have known–but the retired Hall-of-Famer has been pretty quiet in recent years. The retired basketball star reportedly ran a […]

Equality We Could Have Done Without…

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that women are catching up with men in an area in which they’d always been left behind before–causing injuries and fatalities through drunk driving accidents. Between 1998 and 2007, the number of California women aged 21-24 who were involved in drunk driving accidents that caused injury or death more […]

Ohio May Standardize Breathalyzer Testing

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Despite the continuing controversy and litigation surrounding the Intoxilyzer 8000, Ohio officials are considering purchasing 700 units in an effort to standardize breath test equipment and procedures across the state.  The Ohio Departments of Public Safety and Health say the Intoxilyzer 8000 has been tested under a variety of temperature and climate conditions and passed […]

DUI Terminates Florida Woman’s Alimony

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

We always knew that a DUI was expensive.  On average, a DUI can cost the defendant between $5,000 and $20,000, but a West Palm Beach woman recently discovered that drunk driving can be much more expensive than that.  Patricia Craissati was divorced in 2001, and the agreed that Mr. Craissati would pay her more than […]

New Intoxilyzer, Same Old Source Code Battle

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

The battle over the source code for the Intoxilyzer 5000 raged on for months in Florida, and quickly spread to other states using the breathalyzer device. Hundreds of cases were stalled or dismissed while courts in different jurisdictions reached conflicting conclusions about the defendant’s right to obtain the breathalyzer machine’s source code, and the corporation […]

Lawyer Layoffs?

Friday, October 17th, 2008

With the economy in such turmoil, times are tough for everybody—even lawyers. Layoffs at law offices are rare but becoming somewhat of a trend as income dwindles. A Chicago law firm laid off 24 defense lawyers out of its 680 staff and another firm let go of 21 defense attorneys out of their stock of […]

Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again For DUI

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

After one of her assistants quit in the early morning hours today, it has been reported that Lindsay Lohan got behind the wheel of her GMC Denali and began to chase down the girl and her mother. A call was made to police from the Cadillac Escalade that was being chased and the result was another […]

Nevada Mayor Driving Again After DUI

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

A 72 year-old Nevada mayor is back behind the wheel again after having his driver’s license suspended for DUI.  He had been riding a bicycle for months instead of driving. Carson City, Nevada Mayor Marv Teixeira, has obtained a provisional license this week so that he can drive to and from work and conduct city business.  […]

High Speed Chase Ends With DUI Arrest of 11 Year Old

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

On Tuesday night, around 10:30 pm in Orange Beach, Alabama, a policeman on patrol noticed a car speeding.  He turned on his lights to pull the driver over and the car sped up.  A nearly 8 mile high-speed chase followed. After crashing and rolling over the car finally came to rest on it’s top.  Police […]