Cities Quietly Revise Gun Laws after Supreme Court Decision

August 8th, 2008

Facing the threat of lawsuits in the wake of the D.C. v. Heller, several suburbs of Chicago and several towns in West Virginia are moving to eliminate, amend or otherwise clarify their own laws on buying and possessing guns within city limits.

The AP reports that Morton Grove and Wilmette, both suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, repealed their bans on handguns as a response to the NRA, who immediately filed lawsuits following the Supreme Court decision. Wilmette was not actually sued, as it had stopped enforcing its ban over a decade ago.

In West Virginia, the Charleston Daily Mail reports, Charleston officials have received pressure from the state’s gun rights group, West Virginia Citizens Defense, to rescind its restrictions on handgun purchases.  Charleston limits purchases of handguns to one per month, and bans guns on city property, as a result of a deadly shooting spree that occurred in 1993.  However, the mayor and city officials expressed no interest in revisiting these laws.

Martinsburg, West Virginia, however, has made the move to clarify its gun laws, expressing that guns are allowed on city streets, just not in municipal buildings.