Woman Sues Kobe Bryant for Refusing to Marry Her

July 28th, 2011

The recently announced NBA lockout closed the league’s doors to its players after a uniquely successful season. The close of basketball business, however, has not prevented the league from offering colorful storylines.

An Ohio woman recently filed a lawsuit against Kobe Bryant in Orange County Superior Court after the NBA superstar allegedly breached a promise to marry her.

Sources indicate that the woman who filed the claim, Selina Miller, claims that Bryant signed an agreement on May 1 that promised matrimonial bliss. By allegedly failing to meet the terms of the promise, Bryant’s behavior “comports with unfair business and no good faith efforts.”

Miller Demands a Ring

Miller’s intentions, however, seem to fall short of traditional romantic standards. Her lawsuit demands not that Bryant fulfill his marital vow. Rather, Miller asks for relief in the form of “the purchase of a ring.”

Miller, who has addresses in both California and Ohio, also states in her lawsuit that Bryant allegedly accused her of being a prostitute, which he claimed was sufficient reason to withhold an engagement ring.

One Orange County blog reached Miller for comment, and she did not disappoint. In a phone call, Miller claimed that Bryant had offered and given other women rings. She also claimed that Bryant had repeatedly visited her for intimate encounters.

Allegations of STDs

Miller has candidly said that she is simply suing for money that Kobe allegedly owes her. In her lawsuit, Miller also makes a vague and unsubstantiated accusation that “someone” has a sexually transmitted disease.

The plaintiff is no stranger to lawsuits against Bryant, as a federal judge dismissed her previous defamation complaint against Bryant and the NBA. The judge said her claim was frivolous and did not state a plausible cause of action.

This is Not Kobe’s First Rodeo

Unfortunately for Bryant, his storied NBA career has seen a few legal challenges. In 2004, prosecutors dropped a case against Bryant alleging that he had raped a hotel maid in Colorado.

The maid’s allegations, however, led to a prolonged public drama in which Kobe flew from playoff games directly to court hearings. The prosecution dropped the case after the witness refused to testify.

The allegation had a significant impact on Bryant’s reputation, but his public image has recovered in recent years as he has continued to play at a high level and kept himself out of the courtroom.
While the NBA may not play a game next season due to an extended lockout, the league is still capable of offering fascinating drama off the court.