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Divorce and Family Law Case Evaluation by an Attorney

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Divorce Help: Fill out the Divorce Evaluation Form for Attorney Review

Your information will then be forwarded to a local divorce attorney in your area who can assist you with your divorce.
Case Evaluation

Documents to Have Ready for Your Divorce Case Evaluation

Once you fill out the above form, you’ll be connect with divorce lawyers in your city.

When you visit the attorney, have the following data ready to go so you can get your divorce going:

  • The last three years of tax returns
  • Information of you and your spouse’s incomes
  • List of major assets you and your spouse have
  • Copies of your credit report
  • List of all lines of credit you have with your spouse
  • Bank statements and list of all bank accounts
  • Copies of contracts you have between yourself and your spouse (prenups, etc.)
  • Copies of any other legal proceedings that have occurred with your spouse and children (domestic violence orders, police reports, etc.)
  • Full name, address, phone numbers, emails and Social Security numbers for you and your spouse and all of your children
  • Date of your marriage
  • County you were married in
  • Dates of your previous separations
  • Records of any counseling you went to with your spouse
  • Any information you have about you or your spouse’s previous marriages (including the divorce decree)

Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During Your Case Evaluation

Once you fill out the above form, you will be connected with divorce lawyers in your area.

Here are some questions to ask your divorce lawyer so you know you find the right one for you:

  • How many divorces have you done?
  • Out of those, how many were settled out of court?
  • Are you familiar with my spouse’s attorney?
  • Do you prefer to negotiate divorce settlements or go to trial?
  • How many divorce cases do you have right now?
  • Will you be working with any other attorneys on my case?
  • Do you have experience in divorce where children are involved?
  • How long do you think my divorce will take?
  • What will be my role in the divorce proceedings?
  • How often will you contact me to update me on the status of the divorce?

Now that you know what to have on hand for your divorce evaluation with an attorney, give us a call! 877-421-3761.