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Many People Fight Their DUI Charges and Win

Many people are wrongfully arrested for driving under the influence and many successfully fight their DUI charges.

A local DUI lawyer can evaluate the conditions of your DUI and see if you can fight your case.

Some example of fighting a drunk driving charge include:

There are other defenses to DUI charges.

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Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

Here are some questions to ask you attorney when you get them on the phone:

  1. How many people have you represented in DUI arrests?
  2. How many of those people had their charges dropped?
  3. How would you fight my drunk driving case?
  4. What do you think the likely outcome of my case will be?
  5. Can you get me reduced charges?
  6. Are you able to expunge the DUI from my record?
  7. Do you have a client list that I can see and contact?

Ask the lawyer as many questions as you want.

You need to make sure you feel comfortable with this person.

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